An Invitation to the Token Economy from Symbol


An Invitation to the Token Economy from Symbol


The following are some of the problems your existing point system is facing

If you got Business expansions and business partnerships with other companies and other industries,you’re delighted!

But there are many problems.

  • The points that each service handles need to be interoperable.
  • It will cost a lot of money for system improvement and operation..
  • If a bug is found in the point exchange or integration, it will be a big problem.
  • We are troubled every time the number of service operation partners increases..

Symbol will solve these problems and should be powering the point system to the world of token economy.


Symbol has one noteworthy advantage over other blockchains.

It has the necessary business functions built into the platform,and also provides a familiar REST-API for easy connectivity to existing legacy systems.

mosaic(token) with metadata

For example, there is the basic ability to publish assets and manage them along with their associated metadata.
With amazing ease, you’ll be able to implement point management features.

multi-sig account

The multi-sig account feature makes escrow transactions easy, fast, and secure.
Exchange of value using points can be provided smoothly.

cross-chain swaps

There are cross-chain swaps that allow token exchange between different chains without the need to go through an exchange.Values exchange with business partners must be done atomically.A complex process, which is often a breeding ground for such bugs, can be implemented easily and quickly.

aggregate transactions

There are aggregate transactions that allow you to complete multiple transactions in one go and save on fees in the public chain.
It will allow you to incorporate complex commercial transactions into your services.

Symbol will be powering possibility

By using Symbol’s build-in capabilities and APIs, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology without having to make significant changes to your existing system.

The ease of development of Symbol transforms a point system into a robust, scalable token system in a short period of time.

Symbol is one of the most interoperable blockchains out there.
And it’s also one of the development platforms that promises superior productivity.

Step into the world of the token economy, guided by Symbol!